Prize nameAmount in Russian RublesQuantity
Junior category
“Discovery” award200 0001
The finalist award50 0002 (3*)
Middle categoryа
“Achievement” award300 0001
The finalist award50 0002 (3*)
Senior category
Grand Prix500 0001
The finalist award100 0002 (3*)
Special awards
Special award for the winner’s teacher50 0003

* If the Jury will admit a fourth finalist

Payments will be transferred to the participants (or their legal representatives) bank account after withholding tax payments in accordance with the current Russian Federation tax legislation.

Should the Jury members, Competition partners and sponsors establish their own prizes, special awards it will be announced later.

Participants of the Recital round of the Competition audition will be awarded with diplomas. Participants of Preliminary auditions will receive an electronic Certificate of participation.