Is it possible to use old videos be to apply?

No. The videos must be made strictly in accordance with the described conditions for each category. 

Could the different video recordings be merged into one video or it must be one video done from the beginning till the end?

Your videos must be recorded entirely from the beginning till the end without turning off the camera between pieces or pausing.

Does the participant have to wear the concert clothes?

It doesn't have to be a costume or a concert dress, however, we recommend to look nice.

Does the shooting have to be professional? Can I shoot with my smartphone? Can I shoot from one angle?

Yes, you can use the most available to you resources while recording the video, including smartphones, tablets, etc. It is important that your hands are visible and that there is sufficient light 

If you are recording yourself, please make sure that you have found the best position for the sound.

Can the performed music pieces be repeated in different stages of the competition?

The music pieces may not be repeated at any stage of the competition.

Is it obligatory to play a piano concert in the finale?

Yes. This year the competition requires the performance with an orchestra. 

Can a student of the Children's Music School participate in the main competition, on a par with students from specialized music schools?

No, he can't. By selecting the category of the Children's Music School, the participant will compete for the special prize of Alexander Romanovsky. 

Will there be cash prizes in the category «Debut»

No, the Debut category will receive commemorative honorary diplomas. 

I submitted an application but did not receive the confirmation. What should I do?

We receive many applications, all of them are being processed. If you do not receive an answer within a week, contact us again.

Is one part of a sonata performed in the first round, can be played in full in the semifinal?

No, you cannot repeat the music pieces. If the first movement of a sonata was performed at the videso selection stage, it is not possible to repeat it in other rounds. You may only perform the other parts of this sonata.

Is the Debut category intended only for the children who never participated in competitions, or for the children who have the suitable age for this? Can a child who has already taken part in the contests apply to the Debut category?

The Debut category is open to anyone who wants to take part in the competition, who is suitable for this category by the age and wants to try.