The results of the qualifying round of the V Moscow International Vladimir Krainev Piano Competition will be announced no later than December 20

Because of the large number of applications and the need for comprehensive and qualitative evaluation of video recordings, the processing period of submissions will be extended until December 20. The names of the participants in the junior, middle and senior age categories, who have passed to the next round - the stage of preliminary auditions, will be known no later than this date.

Please note that you can record performances for the Pre-Selection Auditions from December 9 to 31. You can send in your recordings from December 21 to January 8, 2023.

Alexander Romanovsky, Chairman of the jury and Art Director of the Fifth Moscow International Vladimir Krainev Piano Competition, established a special prize to encourage students of children's music schools and other non-specialized musical institutions aged 9 to 18 inclusive, as well as the youngest musicians under the age of 8.

Alexander Romanovsky, along with other members of the jury, will evaluate the participants' performances by video, and the results will be announced February 8, 2023. The entry must be made strictly in the period of From October 21 to December 20, 2022. In order to confirm the date of the recording before the performance, the participant must show a special picture of the contest, which must be shown on the screen of an electronic device.

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