FOUNDER OF THE COMPETITIONThe Department of Culture of MoscowORGANIZER OF THE COMPETITIONThe State Budgetary Institution of Culture “The Moscow International Performing Arts Centre”(hereinafter MIPAC)LOCATION  Moscow International Performing Arts CentreKosmodamianskaya emb. 52, build.8PURPOSES OF THE COMPETITIONTo identify, support and promote talented young pianists; to maintain and developthe best Russian and international music art achievements; to raise the role ofthe music art in the society and among young people;to develop international cultural relations.  OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPETITIONTo keep the traditions of the Russian piano school;to raise the level of professional and performing skills;to promote and encourage the young talents.COMPETITION RULESCategoriesThe Competition is open to all pianists from 8 to 22 years old.The Competition is held in three age categories:- Junior category: from 8 to 12 years old inclusive- Middle category: from 13 to 16 years old inclusive- Senior category: from 17 to 22 years old inclusiveIf during the Competition the participants turn  12 or 16 years old they cantake part in the next age category.The age of the participant is determined by April 1, 2023.The applications are accepted as of September 1, 2022.The application submission deadline is 11 p.m. November 15, 2022.To participate in the Competition it is necessary to fill in the application form from the web-site www.krainevcompetition.com including the video link for the Qualifying round and send your application to info@krainevcompetition.com
All applications are reviewed by the Organizing Committee in a confidential manner.The Organizing Committee reserves the right to request additional information from candidates Please note that there is no any participation fee or other payments for the participation.RULES OF THE COMPETITIONThe Competition is held in three rounds:Qualifying round, Preliminary Auditions and Competitive auditions (comprising the Recital round and the Final round).    1. Qualifying round is held by video recordings During the Qualifying round stage from November 16 till December 5, 2022 the AuditionCommission will examine all submitted applications and videos.After the Qualifying round no more than 200 people will be admitted to participatein the Preliminary Auditions.The video for the Qualifying round must be recorded not earlier then January 2022.The entire program must be recorded without turning off the camera (no editing).The Qualifying round acceptance results will be announced on theCompetition web-site not later than December 7, 2022.       2. Preliminary Auditions is held by video recordings For the Preliminary Auditions the participants have to record 20-25 minutes programand send it to the info@krainevcompetition.com before January 8, 2023.The entire program must be recorded without turning off the camera (no editing).The recording must be made between December  9 and December 31, 2022.To confirm the date of the recording, it is necessary to show any printed media(newspaper, magazine), featuring the date of publication in front of the camerabefore the start of the performance.During January 9 till February 2, 2023 the Audition Commission will examineall submitted videos. Following the results of the PreliminaryAuditions the Commission will select 24 participants (8 in each age group)who will be admitted to the Competition Auditions.The Preliminary Auditions acceptance results will be announced on theCompetition official web-site not later than February 8, 2023.     3. The Competitive auditions will take place at the MIPAC from March 23 to 29, 2023 and will be open to the audience.Twenty-four participants admitted to the semi-final will perform a recital, after which threeparticipants in each category will be admitted to the final. If during the voting severalcontestants receive an equal number of points, the Jury has the right to admit a fourth finalist.The Jury will evaluate the Competition auditions.The order of performances in the Competition Auditions will be determined by a drawwhich takes place on March 23, 2023 in the presence of all participants.The Recital round will take place “live” from March 24 till 26, 2023 at the New Hallof the MIPAC, one day for each category.Following the Recital round  results three pianists in each category will be admittedto the Final round.The results of the Recital round will be announced at the end of the audition dayin each category.The final orchestra round will take place “live” from March 28 till 29, 2023 at theSvetlanov Hall of the MIPAC.The results of the Final round will be announced at the end of the auditions on March 29, 2023.All music pieces must be performed by heart throughout all three rounds of the Competition.The prize winners will perform in gala with the orchestra which date will be announced shortly.The application form includes the following information: – Name, surname, date of birth;- category;- complete name of the music institution;- teacher’s name;- short music biography of the participant (if any);- program;- link for the video- address, tel.number- e-mail addressPlease send one link of your video recording with all program.Please make sure that your program corresponds the requirements of the timing of the round.
All text materials will be accepted in Russian or English.
FINANCIAL CONDITIONS For 24 participants admitted to the Competition audition the following expenseswill be covered:      – flight of train travel (economy, both ways)      – local ground transportation (from and to the airport of railway station)        – accommodation      – meal at the premises of the MIPACFor the participants of the junior and middle category the above conditions are valid for1 accompanying person.  The Organizing Committee of the Competition will provide foreign participants and theiraccompanying person with the invitation from the MIPAC.The responsibility of getting the Russian entry visa and its cost is subject of theirown responsibility.

Organizing Committeee-mail: info@krainevcompetition.com